Australian Defence Force – Military Training Bases

Eco Wastewater Solutions was initially engaged to provide toilet facilities at an established military training ground near Lancelin roughly 150km north of Perth. When the decision was made to establish a new base and facilities at a remote site in the northern Kimberly, Eco Wastewater Solutions was again engaged to supply suitable toilets and building facilities.  Given the remote and harsh environmental conditions of each site, the toilet facilities needed to be tough, durable, low maintenance and easily transported to site for quick assembly/installation.


In mid 2016 Eco Wastewater Solutions was engaged to provide a toilet and building solution for the Australian Defence Force base near Lancelin WA. A rugged, ‘no frills’ solution was requested that would require minimal maintenance requirements. No water supply was available at the site and hence a waterless composting toilet was implemented for the project. Eco Wastewater Solutions provided design drawings and engaged local building contractors for construction to minimise supply and construction costs. A timber framed, Colourbond clad building structure was adopted. A solar electrical supply with battery storage was supplied and installed to power the ventilation system and cubicle lighting.

Yampi Sound

Following the success of the toilets installed at the military base above, Eco Wastewater Solutions was again engaged in mid 2019 to provide toilet facilities for a new base camp at Yampi Sound in the northern Kimberly region of WA. Again, with limited water supply available, waterless composting toilets provided the perfect solution. Given the limited access to this remote site, a pre-cut, flat packed building structure was supplied to be assembled onsite by local contractors to minimise onsite installation times. An FRP framed building was adopted for its ability to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the site.  Wind driven turbo vents were used instead of electrically driven fans for the toilet ventilation requirements.