Fair Harvest

Fair Harvest is a permaculture farm in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia. Established in 1995, it is now a thriving demonstration system showcasing a wide range of sustainable living, building and farming practices which embrace the self-sufficient principles of permaculture. Fair Harvest is open to the public with their popular café and hosts a whole range of events including workshops, PDC courses, retreats and weddings etc. In late 2018 Fair Harvest made the decision to setup a camp ground and facilities to accommodate people looking for a unique, eco-friendly camping experience.


The owners were seeking to provide camping facilities utilising sustainable building and management practices. Being setup as a living example, they were keen to implement and showcase low impact, sustainable resource management wherever possible. They also needed the solution to be attractive in its appeal to their clients, tourists and other visitors.


Eco Wastewater Solutions was engaged at the early stages of planning to consult with the owners and had continued involvement through to the completion of the project . Services provided by Eco Wastewater Solutions include:

  • Preliminary consultations and cost estimations.
  • Site and Soil Evaluation
  • Design consultation.
  • Liaison with local government regarding approvals and documentation
  • Design, supply and installation of greywater diversion system and composting toilet units
  • Ongoing technical support.


Two Clivus Multrum composting toilets were chosen to service the regular usage of the facilities. All waste is managed and composted on site.

The greywater from the showers and hand basins run through a greywater diversion system which sends all of the water to irrigate the surrounding gardens and trees.

The owners engaged a local builder to build the structure consisting largely of timbers which were grown and milled onsite.

The end result fits perfectly in the setting and ticks all the boxes for sustainable resource management with all wastewater reused on site and all waste composted on site.